Welcome to SurvivorStrategy.com, where you will find tools to forecast picks for your NFL Survivor Pool.

Season Planner: The core offering of SurvivorStrategy.com. Enter the teams you've used already and receive your best picks for the rest of the season.

Blog: The SurvivorStrategy blog contains recent site developments, ideas for future additions to the site, etc. Currently down while site is ported between hosts.

Forum: Discuss your survivor strategy with others. Currently down while site is ported between hosts.

Strategy: For folks new to the site or survivor pools in general, a quick primer on some core strategies.

EV Calculator: Stuck between choosing a popular team and a slightly-less-likely-to-win-but-far-less-popular one? The expected value calculator will help you make sense of Vegas lines and weigh the decision to stick with the favorite or break from the pack.